MiCloud Flex takes the best of your on-premise telephone system and puts it into a highly secure data center, bringing your mission critical communications into the cloud and allowing you greater efficiency and mobility. See what we think makes Flex the right choice for your enterprise business.



Communications are hosted in secure, tier 4 data centers with advanced security measures including full encryption. The Flex system is also dedicated to you and configured as an extension of your private network. Our cloud centers are built to satisfy the most stringent security standards and are fully certified to meet SOX and HIPAA compliance.



Get a complete enterprise-class communications solution in a Private Cloud with customizable options and seamless integration to top business applications like Microsoft Lync/Skype, Salesforce, Google and more. You get everything you need in one cloud: one solution from the number one cloud provider and the advanced security protection to ensure your sensitive data remains safe.



We’ve discussed Geo-Redundancy before. With Flex, there is an optional uplift to a Geo-Redundant data center configuration providing enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery.


Already have a Mitel MiVoice Business phone system sitting on your site? Don’t worry about that. Migrate to the cloud when you’re ready. MiCloud Flex is a hybrid system, which means that you can have part of your system on premise, and part of it in the cloud, providing the flexibility that you need to change platforms in the way that works best for your company.


Industry Leading Platform:

Enterprises face a new generation of consumers who expect personalized service that’s low effort, available through many channels and with the convenience of self-service. MiCloud Flex has a Contact Center that is an enterprise-class, omni-channel customer experience management solution with advanced customer service features that is proven to transform the way you interact with customers.



With MiCloud Flex, you get a business communication and collaboration system that just works! The brains of the system reside in the high availability data centers that offer world class reliability, so your guaranteed “up-time” is beyond compare.


Local Support:

TCS has Manufacturer trained technicians who have been Mitel Certified since the mid-80s. Our experience and expertise, PLUS our physical location ensures that you are working with someone who shops at the same stores, banks at the same banks, support the same businesses as you do. Take away the hassle of speaking with someone across the country or on the other side of the world. Moving to the Cloud doesn’t mean you have to give up that local presence. We’re just a step away when you need us.


API Integrations:

Bring Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google, Lync/Skype and other applications into the conversation for true unified communications. Deliver a single communications portal that displays consistently on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets including Android, Blackberry, iOS and Microsoft devices. This gives customers the freedom to communicate using voice, email, text or chat from any device. 


Ease of Conversion:

For existing MiVoice Business customers, the switch to Flex is seamless. No new training sessions. No learning curve. Just continue using your phones as you always have.


Scheduled Upgrades:

With an on premise system, you’re responsible for keeping your system up-to-date.  We can take that worry away from you by scheduling the upgrades for you. With a Cloud platform, routine updates and upgrades are handled for you, ensuring that you’re always at the latest and greatest software level.


When you’re ready to make the jump to the Cloud, remember that TCS is just around the corner and ready to answer any of your questions about what it takes move forward.

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