Rolodex, "Time to Upgrade? TCS, The Cloud Experts!" - Cloud-based Business PhonesYour business phone system hails from the era of disco and dirty hippies. It saw the likes of hammer pants and shudders at the memory. Just last week your business phone system said, “When I was your age, we didn’t just summon phone numbers from thin air! There was protocol – Rolodexes, for chrome’s sake.

Okay… We know your business phone system isn’t that old.
But if you’re not embracing the power of cloud, it might as well be! Upgrading to a cloud-based business phone system means you can finally give that bulky, expensive, and all-around cranky, On-Premise system the boot.


Benefits of Going Cloud

Big Savings

Cloud means fewer upfront costs, more features for less money, free long-distance calling, and zero hidden fees. It also means less maintenance, saving you time and money in the IT department.


Cloud-based phone systems, especially those hosted privately, are secure. Plus, with features like geo-redundancy and disaster recovery, your data can be backed-up, managed, and recovered should your network go down.

Never Out-of-Date

Regular software updates keep the latest cloud features and functionality at your fingertips. Zero manual updates. No struggling with hardware. No falling behind.

Easy to Use

Easy-to-manage features make customizing your business phone system a breeze. Forget shelling out for add-ons you’re never going to use. Fit your phone system to your business by only choosing, and paying for, features that make life easier for your customers and your team.


Where Do I Start?

With us! At TCS, we consider your unique business needs and help you discover the perfect cloud-based business phone solution.

Don’t worry about the technical jargon. Skip the hours of rigorous research. Just sit back and let us take the lead.

We’ll evaluate your current system and serve as your guide to cloud-readiness.

All you have to do, is ask!


Take the Next Step Toward Cloud-based Business Phones

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