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With the communications technology available today, growing businesses are more competitive than ever. Are you getting the edge you need from your communications tools?

Take this quiz to see how your business stacks up!


How would you describe your work culture?

  1. Flexibility is crucial for us — our employees can work whenever, wherever they want.
  2. We have a pretty flexible culture — some of our employees are remote workers and we have some traditional office-based employees.
  3. We have a traditional work environment, with most work taking place onsite.


How do you measure your customer service success?

  1. Reporting and analytics
  2. Manual efforts, like surveys and feedback forms
  3. We hope for the best.


How well do your tools integrate with business-critical applications? (Ex: your CRM, ERP or HR applications)

  1. Our apps are seamless!
  2. We have some integrations, but there’s a lot of information retained in each application.
  3. Our communications tools don’t integrate with any of our applications.


How frequently do you upgrade or update your communications technology?

  1. Often-the cutting edge of technology is where we want to be.
  2. From time to time – whenever there’s a contract renewal.
  3. Infrequently – we don’t care much about upgrades.


How’d You Do?

Mostly 1’s:

Awesome! We can tell you’re pretty communications-savvy. We like to stay cutting-edge too. We’ve found that more and more businesses are leveraging a mobile-engaged workforce with reporting and analytics features to keep their customer engagement strategy at the top of its game.

Mostly 2’s:

Good job! You have a basic foundation to remain competitive in today’s communications environment, however there are a few things you could do to improve your internal communications and customer engagement strategy.  Did you know that a collaborative mobile-engaged workforce paired with supercharged reporting can streamline your communications to stay on top of the competition?

Mostly 3’s:

Unfortunately, it looks like your customer engagement strategy could use a little work. Without a customer satisfaction and worker mobility strategy, you are missing out on key opportunities to rise above the competition.

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