Digital Signage: Trends for Small Business

As usual, the world of Digital Signage is moving fast for small business owners. At TCS and Mood, the best way to see what’s hot and what’s coming is to listen to our clients. Here are some recent small business trends we can share from the first half of 2013 (before it’s even half over), based on what small business owners are asking for . . . .

Customized Digital Signage | TCS Jefferson City MO

Custom Content Templates

Small business owners typically don’t have the time or resources to build their own digital signage content from scratch, but they want still some degree of control and flexibility. The solution—customized content templates for their particular industry or specifically designed for their business. When it comes to templates, simpler is better and professionally designed graphics and animation are essential.

User-Friendly System Interface

If you’re going to spend some time with custom content templates, the the time you spend better be worthwhile. The allure of bells and whistles is fading. “Give me quick, give me easy—the fewer clicks and copy/pastes the better.” That’s what we’re hearing on the street.  Simple scheduling tools are a must.

If a Customer Can See It . . .

They’ll believe it. Businesses are using digital signage to visually demonstrate what they would typically try to verbalize or show with printed material. When digital signage can be used to tell the story, the pressure is off employees and they become more confident and engaged in the customer interaction. Customers respond. Whether it’s demonstrating what happens when the brakes are going bad on a car or what happens during a root canal procedure–there’s something about digital signage that gives content greater credibility. If it’s easier to show than it is to tell, then businesses are asking for it.

Oh yeah . . . One Last Thing – AFFORDABLE!

No surprise here. Pricing for digital signage is trailing the trend in screens. As screens have become increasingly affordable, small business owners are expecting more affordable digital signage solutions as well. That said, as solutions and hardware become more affordable, business owners are starting to realize the greater value that digital signage brings to their marketing strategy. So the small business digital signage market seems to be finding a middle– somewhere between cheap, amplified versions of PowerPoint and super-high-tech configurations that make no sense (or cents) for their particular application.

In general, demand is increasing for digital signage in the small business market. Custom, easy, effective and affordable.

– Submitted by Sumter Cox, Communications**Mood Media

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