Orange Rotary Phone, "Time to Upgrade? TCS, The Cloud Experts" - Cloud-based Business Phone SystemSo, you’ve got a cloud-based phone system and it’s leaving a lot to be desired. You thought transitioning to cloud would give your business an edge, but you’re left feeling like you might as well be working with a Rolodex and rotary phone.

When simple processes like calls and voicemail work fine, but you still feel stuck with in the stone age with your cloud-based phone system, you’re likely missing features designed to make your business more productive and your data more secure!

Check out these important features many businesses don’t even know they’re missing. Adding this functionality means you can finally get what you were expecting from that cloud-based business phone system.


What Am I Missing?


Geo-Redundancy means that no matter your geographic location, your data (or service) is replicated elsewhere. It gives you an extra layer of protection. It allows you to continue receiving calls even if your cloud carrier, for whatever reason, loses power.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is an area of security planning that aims to protect your whole organization from the effects of a significant negative event. DR allows you to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster – or even just a major inconvenience.

API Integrations

Bring Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google, Lync/Skype and other applications into the conversation for true unified communications. Deliver a single communications portal that displays consistently across devices. This gives your team members the freedom to communicate however they choose.

Unified Messaging

A unified messaging solution allows you to keep remote employees connected without hurting collaboration or lowering productivity. It helps simplify the task of keeping your remote employees connected, no matter where they work.


Where Do I Start?

With us! At TCS, we consider your unique business needs and help you discover the perfect cloud-based business phone solutions.

Don’t worry about the technical jargon. Skip the hours of rigorous research. Just sit back and let us take the lead.

We’ll evaluate your current system and recommend changes to make your business run even smoother.

All you have to do, is ask!


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