Do You Hear What I Hear?

Sound plays an important role in our lives. Music touches our emotions. Podcasts stimulate our intellect. Sirens alert us to potential threats. The whir of a vibration notifies us of a phone call or text. From the early days of the radio to our modern day, TCS has evolved with the sounds of our lives.  

  • Messaging on hold to keep your customers on the line. 
  • Overhead music to set the vibe for your office. 
  • Ring tones on your mobile phones to let you know a call is coming in. 
  • Overhead bells to tell you class is over. 
  • Emergency tones (sadly) to alert you to an intruder. 

Our founder, Vernon could never have imagined what was coming over the airwaves in the 75 years since he repaired that first radio in his first shop.