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Internet outages are incredibly damaging to your business. Not only are you disconnected from your team of employees, but your customers are left in limbo—and growing more impatient by the second. You pay a pretty penny to your Internet Service Provider.

So, why do these aggravating outages keep happening?

Chances are, your company has what’s called a Wide Area Network (WAN). This extended network covers a large geographic region between all of your locations and is prone to network congestion, latency, and service outages. If you communicate through web conferencing or access video streaming, even more bandwidth is needed. This can get increasingly expensive—and unfortunately, connectivity issues are still likely.

Are you ready for a more reliable solution?

A Software Driven Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a centralized controller that prioritize traffic flowing through your network. Available in physical or virtual applications, SD-WAN can share the work load across all WAN connections by routing among several connection types such as MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.

This allows you to purchase less expensive consumer-grade Internet and still enjoy the benefits of quality “up-time.” Additionally, with SD-WAN you can manage your entire network through one single interface. It’s easy to manage AND easy to change.

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