Cloud Communications have been around long enough as a standard solution for your telephone needs that most people are comfortable with the concept. There are still stragglers who cling tightly to their traditional systems, but for the most part… people, including Enterprise customers, are embracing the Cloud. It is the wave of the future after all, right?

TCS has been a Mitel partner since the late 80s and have embraced the different flavors of their Cloud portfolio. The options for small to medium sized businesses have been perfect for that market. For the last seven years since we sold our first Cloud system, we have asked for an option for the Enterprise customer that would resemble their on-site system as closely as possible.

And they listened!

Now even the largest, most complicated application driven company can benefit from a system that won’t require them to keep large CPUs in their data room.

Meet MiCloud Flex!

The same system that Enterprise customers have been using for decades has moved to the Cloud. All you’ll need to have inside your building are the telephones and a Cloud-Ready Network. It still has fully functional contact center capabilities, collaboration tools, call recording storage, disaster recovery plans. Everything you’d have on-site, you’ll get in the Cloud with Flex.

How does Flex stand up to its major competitors? Mitel asked the same question. They wanted to ensure that they are providing the best possible service, so they turned to Tolley Enterprises to do a deep dive into Cloud products. You can see here how MiCloud Flex stands up to Ring Central and 8X8.

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