Yes! We feel you!!


This year has been the year of the webinar. Did you ever think that you’d miss actual meetings? You know, the kind where get to see each other in a non-pixelated environment? You are not alone.

With today’s global environment we have had to rely on web & video for much of our communications. The increase in remote workers has demanded that technology meet those needs.

We’re happy to be involved in beta testing a new video platform that we can seamlessly integrate with our existing Unified Communications Client. So far, it has been one of the most robust video platforms that we’ve run across and we’re excited to be able to run with it. But more than that, we want to make sure that all the bugs are worked out before providing this new service.

Why do we need video conferencing (besides the obvious pandemic reasons)?

Between 2005 and 2019 the global remote workforce increased by 140%. The pandemic multiplied that growth exponentially. Once things get back to normal (whatever that may look like), remote working is not going to go away. Companies have learned that they can be successful while allowing their staff the convenience of working from home. What was once a luxury has quickly become a necessity.

Unlike a regular webinar (glorified slide show presentation), video allows the nuances of facial expressions and tone that is sorely lacking in the traditional web conference. Team members can feel more connected in their work environment through video.

The improved engagement of video increases productivity. From ad hoc to scheduled meetings, your teams can efficiently manage projects.

With the personalized nature that you get with video, you’re really only missing two things.

Coffee & Donuts!