Due to the nature of our business, TCS is classified as “critical and essential,” according to the CISA US Department of Homeland Security COVID-19 document. As such, we have a little leeway to conduct business as usual. That does not mean we won’t be taking some precautions to protect you, our customers, from doing our part to limit and lower the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The impact COVID-19 has, and will continue to have, on our lives means we need to be aware that things are constantly changing and we will need to adjust accordingly.

Here is what TCS has already done:

We have enabled “work from home” capabilities for all staff to minimize contact with each other and with our customers.

We will evaluate all customer service requests, and to the best of our ability handle issues remotely. We will keep on-site visits to a minimum and review on case by case situations to determine if it is in the best interest to dispatch. If a tech must be dispatched, we will use precautions lined out by the CDC in order to help keep everyone safe.

Except for emergency situations, we will be shipping equipment instead of having a staff member deliver. Customers may retrieve equipment at our office but will need to call first to make arrangements for pickup.

What we are doing internally to ensure that we all remain safe and healthy:

If we are sick, we are staying home! No exceptions!

If we have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 we are self-quarantining for two full weeks.

We are all prepared to work from home at a moment’s notice, and while in-office we are following CDC guidelines for in-person interactions.

We have all familiarized ourselves with CDC guidelines on how to best prevent becoming infected (you should be familiar, too).

How will we respond going forward:

There are many unknowns with this situation and we receive new information day by day. We will react accordingly as it progresses. Follow us on social media to see updates to our policy as they unfold. We are dedicated to keeping you informed on our policies and practices.

If you have concerns or questions, we are just a phone call away! Don’t hesitate to call.