Contrary to popular belief, retail is not all about sales—it’s also about communication. We’ve all had horrible retail customer experiences; they drive us out of the store, convince us to hang up the phone and may even motivate us to share our gripes with friends and family. Needless to say, we’re likely all a part of the 90 percent of consumers who trust peer recommendations over standard advertisements. So, how can an advanced business phone system help? By targeting customer loyalty and retention initiatives and boosting employee communications and chain store operations. Let’s take a look at two ways retailers can realize significant benefits by investing in the technology.

1. Never miss a customer call again.

During high-volume periods like back-to-school or holiday shopping, your employees may be too busy serving customers on the sales floor, leaving your phones unanswered (and, of course, unanswered phone calls mean missed sales opportunities). With call routing, a business phone system ensures that every customer’s voice is heard by categorizing calls according to the type of inquiry. For example, questions related to store hours, locations and requests for job applications can be routed to auto-attendants so that your employees aren’t overwhelmed. Meanwhile, more complex customer phone calls can be efficiently answered.

2. Meet the demands of on-the-go customers.

There’s always a customer who needs to have an answer as soon as possible. So, if your store is packed with customers and your employees can’t afford to leave the floor—even for a minute or two to check on inventory in the back—you still need to find a way to satisfy the customer who is demanding an immediate answer regarding whether you have a certain style of jeans in her size. Wireless phones can deliver: They can be used anywhere in the store or the warehouse to quickly deliver that answer and complete the sale.

The key to keeping your customers happy—and their personal conversations positive—is keeping communication flowing within the business. Contact Us to learn more about how an advanced phone system can make the difference for your retail business.

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