TCS is happy to tell you about our everblü UC client, a Unified Communications solution that combines calling, chat, meetings, voicemail, video, screen sharing and enterprise contacts into a single, easy-to-use interface to improve everyday communications and collaboration for businesses. But what is UC Client, and why does your business need it?

What UC Client Is

UC Client makes your communication simpler and your collaboration more productive. It provides you with audio and video calling, instant messaging, meetings/ video chat, history, and voicemail without switching between devices, apps, and screens. The everblü UC Client allows you to make and take calls without being tied to your desk phone, to chat (one-to-one or one-to-many), and meet with or see each other’s faces with the click of a button—all this without using multiple tools or programs. Any business with modern communications needs can benefit from UC Client, from highly virtualized organizations, companies with multiple locations, to those with remote or mobile workers. Our everblü UC Client empowers businesses by making it easy, pleasant and efficient for them to communicate how they want and where they want.

Why You Should Use UC Client

For any business to be successful, its employees need to be able to communicate. More than that, they need to do so simply and efficiently. Clunky communication wastes time, results in duplication of effort, frustrates people, and slows down the entire business. UC Client removes the frustration from using multiple programs of communication and collaboration. It simplifies the day-to-day tasks and operations organizations rely on for their success. Designed to enhance the end user’s experience by eliminating communication inefficiencies, everblü clears roadblocks that slow down a business and enables all users within an organization to perform as high functioning team members.

You’ll be able to leverage powerful UC Client features and benefits including:

  • Calling – Your employees can make and take calls right from the UC Client interface unless your
  • business requires them, there is no need to spend money or time on installing desk phones
  • Voicemail – View and manage your voicemails from a single screen as well as view message transcriptions (with a transcription service)
  • Enterprise Contacts – Access all of your enterprise contacts automatically, and add, edit, or delete contacts
  • Meetings / Video – Schedule, manage, and conduct video meetings where participants can share screens and control meeting settings all from within UC Client
  • Chat – Chat with other members of your organization with the click of a button
  • History – See all of your activity across calls, chats, and meetings over the previous 30 days

Who Can Use UC Client

UC Client is ideal for organizations across all verticals and of every size. Any organization that requires employees to communicate, interact, or collaborate with each other, customers, or vendors can benefit from the modern functionality of UC Client.

Take advantage of utilizing the Cloud to its fullest potential and get UC Client working for your business!


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