Customized Protection and Expert Support


You want worry-free, always-on reliability when it comes to your business phone system.

You’ll find it with TCS Complete.

TCS Complete maximizes your business phone investment by protecting your device hardware and ensuring your software is always up-to-date.

Because, just like your favorite app, your business phone needs updating too.

TCS Complete offers customizable options for any business that include these core benefits:

Device Management

Company-wide service to ensure you’re always-on and running smoothly.1

Device Replacement

Faster service to minimize communication downtime.


Support to unlock all of your business phone system has to offer.

Priority Scheduling

You’ll be first on our list when support is needed.

Peace of Mind

In knowing you’ll avoid unexpected costs and repairs.

Easy Access

Unlimited and advanced technical support.

Every system that TCS installs comes with one-year of software assurance and up to 90 days of complimentary technical support.

Software Assurance

Software assurance keeps your system up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

And it gives our technicians access to make software upgrades and provide technical support.

Software Updates

Access to software updates via Manufacturers Software Assurance & Support program, plus One(1) free telephony software upgrade a year.2

Customized User Manuals

Customized User Guides provided via email for quick reference.

TCS Customer Portal

Access to Customer Portal at to track open service orders, past and present invoices, and other important account information.

Complete Coverage During Business Hours

Secure the benefits of software assurance with the enhanced security of priority scheduling and FREE parts and labor.

Also includes one free annual software upgrade.

Telephone Support

Telephone support for system performance inquiries and/or remote troubleshooting. Telephone and email support is available during normal business hours.3

Emergency Service

Four (4) hour or less response time after notification of a major outage without incurring additional charges.4

Priority Scheduling

Priority scheduling is given to systems covered by TCS Complete 24×7 and 8×5.5

Replacement Parts

Includes part replacement, refurbish, and/or exchange as deemed necessary by TCS. Exchanged parts removed from systems become the property of TCS.6


All required service, repair, and maintenance on the system is included at no additional charge.

Complete Coverage On-Call 24/7

Around the clock care with the added security of always-up-to-date software, priority scheduling, FREE parts and labor and after hours dispatch at no additional charge.

Also includes one free annual software upgrade.

One Annual System Inspection

TCS Compete 24 x 7 customers receive the added benefit of one annual system inspection.


Includes labor to preform minor, remote moves, adds and changes.7

Access to After-Hours Dispatch

Customer will have access to TCS after-hours service dispatch without incurring additional after hours labor charges.5

1Remote Access Required.

2Remote Access Required. NOTE: Includes labor to install/apply one upgrade per year. Features of new software releases may require hardware upgrades of processor, memory, hard drive or other components for the proper operation. (TCS will provide PC specifications to customer.) This agreement does not include any required hardware; such will be provided on a time and material basis, the customer may be required to sign a separate agreement with the manufacturers of the software based on manufacturer licensing requirements.

38am – 4:30pm CST Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

4NOTE: Services Not Included- After hours Emergency Service, all trip charges, labor to perform remote moves, adds and changes on your system. Services based on work performed during normal business hours (8:00 – 4:30 CST, Monday-Friday). Refer to your customer quote for details on your system specific inclusions.

5Refer to General Terms and Conditions.

6Exclusions Include: UPS’, batteries, non-proprietary cordless phones/headsets and other personal or disposable devices, cabling, hardware and software not installed by TCS, any service due to telephone carrier or internet provider changes/outages, service due to changes in network configuration or equipment, annual system inspection.

7NOTE: Remote access is required in order to be eligible for TCS Complete 24/7.

No business phone system is protected without TCS Complete.
Call now to see which TCS Complete package is right for you.