When you think of the cloud what do you think about?

When was the first time you heard the expression “in the cloud?” For me, it was in regards to photo storage. I remember my first thought being “why would I want to store my photos in the cloud?” It was such an abstract concept that it was a little difficult to grasp. The cloud is…everywhere? I can access my photos from…anywhere? It didn’t make sense to someone who came from the hobby world of film cartridge photography.

Working in the world of telephony, I’ve watched drastic changes happen in communications over the past 20+ years. “Back in the day” we took messages by hand and walked them to the person they were for.

And then came voicemail.

We installed voicemail to our TCS system and got used to it pretty quickly. We’d chuckle when someone would need to leave a message but would insist that we write it down. They were uncomfortable with the concept of voicemail and didn’t trust its effectiveness. So we would take their message, and then leave a voicemail in the recipient’s mailbox. No more wandering around the office trying to find somebody to deliver messages.

With voicemail came an Auto Attendant – a device that would actually answer the calls for you. If that didn’t cause a ruckus with businesses I don’t know what did.

“Our customers are used to a more personalized touch when they call us.”

We heard that a LOT. But eventually everyone saw the benefit of freeing up the time of staff members, allowing businesses to run more efficiently.

Then came presence, voicemail to email forwarding, automatic call distribution, call recording, and so much more.

With every new addition and change to communications, we were met with resistance. Change is difficult. But we have learned that all these changes have helped improve calling efficiency, communication, collaboration, and we have embraced it. We have seen the benefit of easing some of the tedium of sharing information and it is exciting to watch the technology continue to expand.

The cloud, though.

It’s in a league of its own. It’s one thing for photo storage (and yes, I’ve embraced it and LOVE being able to pull up my pictures from anywhere), but for talking on the phone? Having a video meeting? It’s not a static function like looking at a picture or document. It’s dynamic, and the slightest hiccup in the internet can collapse a call in a heartbeat. Yet here we are in 2020 – the strangest year we’ve ever lived through – and the internet has expanded and made enhancements to keep up with telephony. It’s a very rare circumstance where the internet is too slow to for a voice call or video meeting.

As we’ve embraced Cloud Communications we have seen what a game changer it is. Disaster Recovery is no longer an issue. Businesses don’t have to shut down because employees can’t make it to the office.

Inclement weather? We can still work.

Pandemics? Can’t stop the cloud!

It has afforded employees all over the world the ability to continue working.

What TCS has known about the cloud for a decade, everyone else is finally seeing.

We have become experts at this whole cloud thing and have been installing and maintaining Cloud Communications systems for the past 10 years. In that short amount of time we have seen changes and improvements and are very excited for what the future holds.

If you haven’t embraced the cloud yet, it’s time to jump on board.

The Cloud is the wave of the future and isn’t going anywhere!

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